Congratulations, the 1st Step is making the decision to purchase a new home!

#2 Align with a Real Estate Agent, and a Lender:

  • a. Your Agent will set up a search, provide you Lender Contacts, and review the overall process of the transaction
  • b.  Take time to select your Lender, utilize the reference sheet provided by Dody & Kay, and/or reach out to your bank, a credit union, or an online lender you prefer; the key is to acquire your Pre-Approval Letter which can be shared with potential Sellers upon request
  • c. By now we will have your search set up with MIBOR – please activate your Portal, via your Welcome Letter. This will ensure you receive all incoming search results. Keep in mind if the search is not accurate, or you need a change let us know and we can easily update the criteria. Don’t be shy, and please do not spam or junk the emails, those actions will delay new emails.

#3 Showings – getting out there and checking out properties! The adventure that will
lead to finding your perfect home!



  • a. Fill out the Home Indy Realty Team link BUYERWANTS2MAKEOFFER
  • b. You will receive several forms to review, if they represent your offer, and/or you accept & agree you will sign each form – these will be sent via this is our document platform where we create, write, capture signatures, share, and store your file transaction documents
  • c. Once everything is executed Dody & Kay will send the offer (all documents) over to the listing agent to present to seller.

#5 OFFER ACCEPTED: The next few items will be explained at each step, but the overview goes:

  • a. EM Funds (these are deposited by Listing Agency & credited back to you at closing)
  • b. Order your Home Inspection(s)
  • c. Complete Loan Application & Order Appraisal
  • d. Respond to Seller with Inspection Response
  • e. Negotiate Inspection Response & Appraisal Results as needed
  • f. Obtain you Homeowners Insurance quote
  • g. Review Title Work, & Survey
  • h. Set up Closing Date (usually this has been requested at time title company order has been placed by Dody/Kay)
  • i. If Home Warranty – make final selection; Ordered by Dody/Kay
  • j. 3 days prior to close you will sign Lender Closing Disclosure; this document
  • is what actually allows the formal countdown of three business days to close
  • k. Review Final Closing Statement
  • l. Set up Final Property Walk-thru
  • m. Wire/or attain your closing funds for title company (more information will be provided)
  • n. CLOSING DAY – where you sign the final loan documents, and commit to accept the loan, and accept ownership of the property!
  • o. Receive Keys & Obtain possession of your NEW HOME!

~ Your Home Indy Realty Team!
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